OSX, BootCamp, XP, and Mini Me

Have had a Mac Mini 1.6Ghz Core Duo running OSX and XP now (under BootCamp beta) for about 2 months now. I love it. Thunderbird, Firefox, iTerm, and Fugu are really well done. It runs WoW, so it’s good for gaming without reboots. About the only time I go into Windows anymore is for Office. I’ve actually started substituting Google Docs and saving as PDF’s, which works pretty well as long as I don’t need fancy formatting. All in all, I really like it.

I’m an MCSA, about to be an MCSE, and it’s funny, I like Windows less and less as an OS every day. I have little to no interest in Vista after having worked with it for awhile. It is even less ready than XP was, it’s more resource-wasting, and not really that much more useful. I’ll likely be using my XP licenses until they run out, then leaving the Windows camp alltogether once they end support for it. We’ll see when that day comes.

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