Quitting the “hey, where’re you at?” game

Just a quick one:

Awhile back I was looking back at the texts between me and my wife, and I realized that a good chunk of the non-mushy ones were just “hey, where are you?” or “what’s your ETA?”  It also occurred to me that most of these occurred when either of us were driving by ourselves.  This is a problem, and I like to fix problems.

Texting and driving is dumb, but the temptation to just fire off a quick “be there in 10” or similar message is hard to resist at times.  After talking to Maggie for awhile about it, we decided to do two things:  stop texting the other when we know they’re driving, and enable “Find My Friends” on our phones to cut that entire “where you at?” conversation out.

The Find My Friends thing is a security concern and it makes me twitchy about information leakage.  With that said, I made the tradeoff and it’s been incredibly handy and got rid of a huge life-safety issue, so I’m happy with it.  If a lot of your conversations revolve around querying the location and ETA of a loved one, I’d highly recommend looking into either Find My Friends (iPhone) or Glympse. (iPhone/Android)


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