Protecting and Passing Along Digital Assets

I got asked to come add some technical advice to a longer seminar given to a retirement community associated with our church.  They were learning about estate planning, wills, and all of the other details that go with those planning to pass on their legacies.  They were missing a section on how to handle online accounts and digital assets, and asked me to speak for 20 minutes on that.

20 minutes to cover this broad of a topic was rough, but I liked the challenge.  I found that the format of the seminar was more of a “here’s a binder of things to review later, let’s introduce you to each of these things now” sort of thing.  I figured out that I wanted to cover 3 main things:  2FA, password managers, and backups, and looked for handouts that covered those things.  The SANS OUCH letters were written at the level I felt would resonate, and gave each of the participants multiple ways to subscribe and stay informed, so I ended up with those.  I created a few slides, came up with a brainstorming worksheet for getting all of your accounts into a password manager, and brushed up on removing the dreaded ‘Ums’ and ‘Uhs’ and other fillers from my vernacular.

The presentation went really well, lots of nodding heads and good laughs. I got applause and a sense that people felt empowered when they got up to leave.  Early on I used to teach these and everyone’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates, and the feeling was more of shock and fear. I considered those a failure on my part. People never make good decisions out of fear, so I changed my delivery and my goal, to push more for empowerment and “you know this stuff already,  it’s just new terminology” as a mindset.

Here’s the materials, including the handouts from SANS.  The transit from Keynote to PDF screwed up a few of the bullet spacings, but the content is all there.  Feel free to use all or parts of this as much as you like.

Protecting Digital Assets Password Managers – Ouch Online Assets Worksheet Backups-Ouch 2FA-Ouch

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